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FOHC Vegetables - Summer 2015

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Vegetable Demo 2015 - Warm-Season Layout.pages

Bed #1 - Master Gardener Favorite Tomatoes
• Kelloggs Breakfast
• Juliet
• Big Zak
• Lemon Boy
• Super Sweet 100s
• Super Fantastic
• Green Doctors
• Gold Medal

Bed #2 - Mexican Vegetables and Herbs
• Zapotec tomato
• Painted Hill sweet corn
• Plaza Latina Giant Green tomatillo
• Tequila sweet pepper
• Chile peppers: Ancho Gigantea, Cayenne,
Jalapeno, Padron, and Poblano
• Herbs: Epazote, cumin, cilantro, Mexican tarragon,
and Mexican mint marigold
• Flowers: Butterfly Cha-Cha zinnia, Oklahoma zinnia,
Persian zinnia, marigolds, Bright Lights cosmos, Sea Shells cosmos

Bed #3 - Soil Solarization Demonstration

Bed #4 - Italian Vegetables and Herbs
• Tomatoes: Principe Borghese and Italian Heirloom
• Sweet peppers: Tollis Sweet Italian, Red Marconi,
and Sunset Mix Italian
• Eggplant:  Rosa Bianca and Listada de Gandia
• Ortolana di Faenza heirloom Italian zucchini
• Napoli muskmelons
• Garlic: Music and Spanish Roja
   (followed by sunflowers)
• Italian Black cowpeas
• Herbs: Italian parsley, Italian oregano, Pesto
Perpetuo basil, Red Freddy Genovese basil, Salad
Leaf basil, and Fino Verde basil
• Rossa Lunga di Firenze onions

May 2015.  Written by Gail Pothour, UC Sacramento County
Master Gardener

Bed #5 - French Vegetables and Herbs
• Yukon Gem and French Fingerling potatoes
   (followed by Rolande bush beans)
• Petit Gris de Rennes melon
• Black Beauty eggplant
• Alibi cucumber (cornichon)
• Garlic (followed by Delicata winter squash)
• Jaune Flamme tomato
• Herbs:  Lavender, tarragon, thyme, African
   Blue basil, chives

Bed #6 - Unique Varieties
• Tomatoes: Black Icicle and White Oxheart
• Red Ruffled eggplant
• Squash: Patisson Strie Melange and Tromboncino
• Jerusalem artichokes
• Bishops Hat chile pepper
• Japonica striped maize
• Alyssum with Bagrada bug trap

Bed #7 - Asian Vegetables and Herbs
• Mandarin Cross tomato
• Chinese Five-Color chile pepper
• Black Futsu winter squash
• Asian long beans:Chinese Mosaic, Green Chinese
• Soybeans: White Lion, Midori Giant, Edamame, Envy
• Eggplant: Charming, Asian Bride, Farmers Long, #2 Fingers
• Soarer Japanese cucumber
• Herbs:  Lemon grass and Thai basil
• Flowers:  Belleza gaura
• Japanese buckwheat

Bed #8 - Heirloom Tomatoes with Stories
• Sashas Altai
• Paul Robeson
• Dr. Wyches Yellow
• Indira Gandhi
• Nebraska Wedding
• Mariannas Peace
• Granny Cantrells German Red
• Mortgage Lifter

Bed #9 - Heat-Tolerant Lettuce
• Paradai, Merlot, Nevada, Red Iceberg, Grampa Admire,
Jericho, and Red Cross

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