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FOHC Vegetables - Summer 2016

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2016 Summer Layout

Bed #1 - Slow Food USA Ark of Taste Vegetables
• Bush beans: Arikara Yellow
• Pole beans: Bolita
• Tomatoes: Aunt Ruby's German Green, Cherokee Purple
• Winter squash: Canada Crookneck

Bed #2 - Common Vegetable Varieties
• Eggplant: Black Beauty, Rosa Bianca, Listada de Gandia, Red Ruffled
• Peppers (sweet): Cal Wonder, Tequila Sunrise, Karma, Sweet Savory, Golden Giant, Sweet Pickle
• Peppers (hot): Thai Hot
• Tomatoes: Juliet (AAS), Super Fantastic

Bed #3 - Potatoes, followed by soil solarization demonstration
• Potatoes: Yukon Gold, Kennebec, Purple Majesty, Viking Purple, Yukon Gem, Norland Red, Colorado Rose

Bed #4 - All-American Selection (AAS) Winners
• Basil: Dark Opal
• Bush beans: French Mascotte
• Eggplant: Hansel, Gretel, Fairy Tale
• Okra: Burgundy
• Peppers (hot): Emerald Fire jalapeño, Holy Molé 
• Peppers (sweet): Orange Blaze, Gypsy
• Summer squash: Peter Pan scallop
• Tomato: Husky Gold
• Winter squash: Delicata
• Zinnias: Zowie!, Profusion Double Hot Cherry, Profusion Orange 

Straw Bales - Dwarf Tomatoes 
• Rosella Purple 
• Dwarf Arctic Rose 
• Summertime Green 
• Dwarf Russian Swirl 
• Dwarf Sweet Sue 
• Dwarf Mr. Snow 

Bed #5 - Melons from Around the World
• Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte (France)
• Collective Farm Woman (Ukraine) 
• Ha'Ogen (Israel/Hungary)
• Kajari (Punjab region of India)
• Kazakh (Kazakhstan/Central Asia)
• Madhu Ras (Rajasthan in western India) 
• Napoli (Italy)
• Petit Gris de Rennes (France) 
• Prescott Fond Blanc (France) 
• Retato Degli Ortolani (Italy) 

Bed #6 - Perennial Vegetables
• Asparagus: UC 157, Purple Passion, Jersey King Oca
• Jerusalem artichokes

Bed #7 - Common Vegetable Varieties and Summer Cover Crop
• Bush beans: Greencrop (AAS), Gold Rush,  Improved Tendergreen
• Pole beans: Renee's Tricolor (Blue Lake, Yellow Pole Wax, Purple Peacock)
• Tomatoes: Big Beef, Lemon Boy
• Cover crop: Summer Soil Builder Mix (buckwheat, cowpeas)

Bed #8 - Common Vegetable Varieties and Summer Cover Crop
• Summer squash (zucchini): Clairmore, Golden Dawn 
• Tomato: Sungold (cherry)
• Vine on trellis: Mexican Sour Gherkin
• Winter squash: Honey Nut butternut 
• Cover crop: Buckwheat

Bed #9 - Summer Lettuce Trial
• Red Sails, Bronze Oak Leaf, Paradai, Australian Yellow, Mottistone 

May 14 2016.  Written by Gail Pothour, UCCE Master Gardener of Sacramento County.

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