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FOHC Vegetables - Winter 2017-18

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Bed #1 -Food Bank

  • Lettuce - Assorted varieties
  • Pak Choi (baby): Green Fortune
  • Spinach: Imperial Green
  • Napa cabbage: Little jade
  • Radish: Assorted varieties
  • Mustard: Florida Broadleaf

Bed #2 - Cover crops

  • Soil Builder Mix (oats, bell beans, peas, and vetch)
  • Crimson-flowered fava beans

Bed #3 - Slow Food Ark of Taste

  • Garlic: Spanish Roja and Inchellium Red
  • Lettuce: Tennis Ball, Amish Deer Tongue, and Speckled
  • Turnip: Gilfeather
  • Beets: Early Blood Turnip-Rooted

Bed #4 -Beets and Garlic

  • Beets: Bull’s Blood, Chioggia (Candystripe), Cylindra, Early Wonder Tall, Five Color Rainbow, and Golden
  • Garlic: Siberian, Spanish Roja, Rose du Lautrec, Asian Tempest, Inchellium Red, Northern Italian Red, Italian Red Rocambole, Spanish Benitee, and Silverskin

Bed #5 - Cover crops

  • Bell beans

Bed #6 - Perennials

  • Asparagus: UC 157, Purple Passion, and Jersey King
  • Strawberries: Albion

Bed #7 - Colorful Carrots with dividers of Turnips

  • Carrots:
    • (Orange) - Kuroda, Imperator and Chantenay Red Core
    • (Purple) - Purple Sun, Purple Dragon, and Cosmic Purple
    • (White) - White Satin, Snow White, and Lunar White
    • (Yellow) - Chablis Yellow, Amarillo, and Juane Obtuse du Doubs
    • (Red) - Atomic Red, Scarlet Red, and Red Samurai
  • Turnips:  Mikado (baby turnips)
  • Ornamental kale: White and purple

Bed #8 -Greens and Peas

  • Chard: Bright Lights, El Dorado, Green Leaf, and Red
  • Kale: Dinosaur, Red Russian, and Vates Blue Curled
  • Peas: Oregon Sugar Pod, Sabre, and Sugar Snap

Bed #9 -Lettuce

  • Assorted varieties

November 13, 2017.  Written by Gail Pothour, UCCE Master Gardener of Sacramento County.

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