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FOHC Vegetables Summer 2019

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All-America Selections Display Garden

Planting Plan Summer 2019

Bed #1 – AAS Beans and Squash (Food Bank Bed)

  • Bush Beans:  Mascotte
  • Squash: Gold Rush zucchini and Fordhook zucchini; Tivoli spaghetti squash; Butterscotch butternut

Bed #2 – AAS Melons, Beans, Zinnias, Basil (No Till Bed) 

  • Melons:  Amy, Lambkin, Honey Rock, Orange Silverwave, and Melemon
  • Pole Beans: Seychelles
  • Zinnias:  Queeny Lime Orange, Profusion Double Hot Cherry
  • Basil:  Dark Opal

Bed #3 – AAS Sweet Corn and Winter Squash

  • Corn:  American Dream hybrid
  • Winter squash:  Waltham butternut and Pepitas hybrid pumpkin

Bed #4 – AAS Peppers, Tomato, and Zinnias

  • Sweet Peppers: Just Sweet, Sweet Sunset, Escamillo, Pretty ‘N Sweet, Gypsy, Orange Blaze, Roulette, Cornito Giallo, Mad Hatter 
  • Chile Peppers: Holy Molé, Flaming Flare, Emerald Fire, Red Ember, Chili Pie, Aji Rico 
  • Ornamental Pepper:  Onyx Red
  • Cherry tomato (on arch):  Midnight Snack

Bed #5 – AAS Squash

  • Summer Squash:  Bossa Nova and Black Beauty zucchini, Sunburst and Peter Pan scallop
  • Winter Squash:  Sugaretti spaghetti and Sunshine kabocha

Bed #6 – Perennial Bed

  • Asparagus:  UC 157 and Purple Passion
  • Potatoes:  Bodega Red (Slow Food Ark of Taste)
  • Strawberries:  Albion

Bed #7 - Solarize

Bed #8 – AAS Tomatoes and Basil

  • Tomatoes:  Chef’s Choice Yellow, Chef’s Choice Red, Chef’s Choice Orange, Chef’s Choice Green,  Chef’s Choice Black, Chef’s Choice Pink  Candyland Red (cherry tomato on arch)
  • Basil:  Dolce Fresca, Persian, Siam Queen, Sweet Dani

Bed #9 – AAS Eggplant and Marigolds

  • Eggplant:  Hansel, Gretel, Fairy Tale, and Patio Baby
  • Marigold:  Super Hero Spry

June 1, 2019.  Written by Gail Pothour, UCCE Master Gardener of Sacramento County. 

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