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Fair Oaks Horticulture Center
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11549 Fair Oaks Boulevard (Map/Directions)
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Sacramento County Master Gardeners at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center maintain water-efficient landscape demonstration gardens, fruit trees and bushes, a table grape vineyard, cane berries and blueberries, herbs, a vegetable garden, and a compost demonstration.  

Learn how to select, plant and care for edible and ornamental plants using University of California research-based, river-friendly practices.

We will show you how to grow the best vegetables and fruit, conserve water and energy, nurture plant health to reduce the need for synthetic chemicals, and discover University of California resources available to help you prevent and manage garden pests.  We also share this information with you in our annual Gardening Guide and Calendar.

"Ask the Master Gardeners" Plant Clinics are held at all events. Bring your plant samples, pest mysteries and questions. We'll help!

Open Garden Days are the ideal time to walk through at your own pace. Bring your list of gardening questions and get one-on-one advice.

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Sorry, only service dogs are allowed in the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center.

2020 Gardening Events at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center
Free! Located outside–rain or shine.

January 18
9 AM-Noon

Pruning Workshop - Agenda (PDF)

Hear presentations on pruning deciduous fruit trees, blueberries, cane berries, grape vines and roses.

The vineyard will feature cane and spur dormant pruning and discuss how to double prune grapes. Garden tools will be on display, plus demonstrations will be held on how to build and turn the compost pile.  In the vegetable garden learn about growing cool season vegetables.  The Herb area will introduce the 2020 herb of the year and share ideas for planning the herb garden.

February 8
9 AM-Noon

Open Garden - Watch mini presentations on getting ready for spring and choosing the right tool in the WEL, late fruit tree pruning, preparing the herb garden for planting, growing and caring for strawberries, cane and spur dormant pruning in the vineyard.

Ongoing conversations include growing cool season vegetables, building, turning and harvesting compost, scion grafting; citrus fertilizing; peach leaf curl and brown rot disease prevention.

March 14
9 AM-Noon

CANCELED - Open Garden - Watch mini-demonstrations on: container gardening, debugging orchard irrigation, propagating herbs and cutting down and turning in cover crops.

On-going conversations: best tools for orchard care, why a “Tropicals’ Hut,” pollinators, edible flowers in the garden, testing soil pH, tips for vigorous plants and superior yields, vegetable garden pest management, pruning young grape vines: 3-year cane-pruned, 5-year spur pruned, build, turn and harvest compost, see the new “Lincoln Log” compost and worm composting.

April 15
9 AM-Noon

CANCELED - Midweek Open Garden - Watch mini-demonstrations on planting herbs in containers, successful containers   

On-going conversations include preparing raised beds for summer vegetables, worms at work, vineyard canopy management: shoot thinning and spraying for powdery mildew.

May 9
9 AM-Noon

CANCELED - Open Garden - Watch mini-demonstrations on herbal gifts and tea blends with the UC Master Food Preservers, growing vegetables in straw bales, walk on the wildlife side in the WEL.

On-going conversations include planting warm season vegetables, vineyard canopy management: supporting shoots and eliminating unwanted growth, worm composting, compost bins and harvesting methods.

June 20
9 AM-Noon

CANCELED - Open Garden - Watch mini-demonstrations on gardening for birds in the WEL, soil solarization, pruning and harvesting herbs.

On-going conversations include vegetable pest management techniques, vineyard canopy management, cluster thinning, leaf pulling and protecting fruit, worm composting, compost bins and harvesting methods.

August 1

HARVEST DAY 2020 - The largest one-day educational gardening event in Sacramento will be "Virtual" this year!  For details, visit Harvest Day 2020.

Sept 12
9 AM-Noon

PENDING - Open Garden - Watch mini-demonstrations on herb propagation, pruning native plants.

On-going conversations include preparing raised beds for cool season vegetables, raisin tasting, how to build, turn and harvest compost and worm composting

October 14
9 AM-Noon

Midweek Open Garden - Watch mini-demonstrations on planting bulbs in containers, selection of and planting cover crops.

On-going conversations include fertilizing and putting your grapes vines to bed, preparing herbs for the winter season, growing cool season vegetables, how to build, turn and harvest compost and worm composting.

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