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The demonstration vineyard at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center was started in 2000.  Master Gardeners budded table grape varieties onto rooted cuttings of ‘Freedom’ rootstock in February 2000. The budded vines were grown in pots and then planted in the vineyard in April 2000. 

The vines are either cordon trained, spur pruned or head trained, cane pruned.  Drip irrigation tubing hangs from trellis wires and a 6- to 8-inch layer of mulch is maintained.

Guidelines for the Home Vineyard (PDF 1MB) is an 11-page document that describes the planting and care of grapevines.

Grape Cultivars in the FOHC Vineyard (PDF) one-page list of the cultivars we grow.

Growing Grapes in the Home Garden (PDF) includes easy to understand diagrams for grape culture by Chuck Ingels, Sacramento County UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor.

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