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photos by Heather Hamilton

Protea is a species of flowering plants from South Africa. It is a member of the Leucadendron family, also commonly known as the sugarbush. Interestingly enough, it belongs to an ancient angiosperm, which evidence from pollen fossils that date back to 80 million years ago. They generally flower in the spring and are pollinated by birds, insects, and wind. Some protea, such as the ‘King Protea', are self-pollinators, while some are considered self-incompatible relying on cross-pollination to set seed.

I have used a variety of protea in my floral design, the variety ‘Safari Sunset' which is super tough and has a brilliant burgundy color tone. When I need this color, it is often a go-to depending on the time of year. This past week, I made a fishing tribute to a very dear friend and fisherman using this flower. I love its unique characteristics and interesting varieties. I have used ‘King Protea' and ‘Pink Mink' as bridesmaids, as well as, in bridal bouquets. It is especially cool when people are open to new varieties, and this flower can stand out as a focal in any arrangement.

My fabulous co-worker Jess shared her Leucadendron from her garden for my fishing tribute.

Thank you Jess!


Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 10:48 AM

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