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Donated Fig

Thank you to the unknown donor of this beautiful fig tree at the MG plant exchange!  It was such a great find three years ago, a healthy little one and a half foot fig tree in a Terra Cotta pot.  It even had six or seven little figs on it. The challenge was not to kill it with under or over watering, both of which I have done to various plants in the past. 

Well, happily the tree is still alive and has grown significantly.  The first picture shows it after about a year, the second and third were taken today when Irepotted it for the third time.  In the second picture, you can see that the canopy extends past the rim of its square pot, and I thought it might be getting root bound. Turns out, it was not root bound, and none of the roots were touching the pot sides.  Still, a bigger pot will give it more room to grow.  I stuck a fewsedum cuttings in a year ago, they have taken off and are doing well. 
photos by Cindy Yee
The tree does have a benign virus called fig mosaic.  If you look closely, some of the leaves have mottled coloring.  Hopefully it does not lead to premature fruit drop.  The only treatment is to try and keep the tree stress free, and as well cared for as possible.  It is potted in new soil and compost, and has been regularly fertilized.  There are 24 little fruit on the branches.

What is this fig called?  The ripe fruit are sweet, light green with pink flesh.  Unfortunately the label disappeared sometime ago, but I am 99% sure its a Conadria. 

So happy with this potted fig.  Thank you, fig donor and plant exchange!  I have another fig tree - Peter's Honey - in the ground and intend to root cuttings for the next plant exchange. 


fig 3
fig 3

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2024 at 11:16 AM

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