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FOHC Vegetables Summer 2020

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Below on this page don't miss a list of Master Gardener favorites in the summer garden!

FOHC Vegetables Summer 2020


Bed #1 - Solarized

Bed #2 - Food Bank Bed

  • Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon

  • Summer Squashes: Eight- Ball Zucchini, Green Scallopini, Yellow Strait-neck, Yellow Crook-neck

Bed #3 - Squashes/Buckwheat

  • Winter Squashes: Trombone squash on the trellis, Tivoli, Spaghetti squash, Table Ace acorn 

  • Summer squashes: Costata Romanesco, Zepher, Jasper

  • Buckwheat

Bed #4 - Melons/Tomatoes/Basil

  • Melons:  Crane, Arava, Golden Jenny, Ambrosia, Piel de Sapo Lambkin

  • Tomatoes: Green Doctor, Valentine, Chocolate Sprinkles;

  • African Blue Basil

Bed #5 - Tomatoes/Basil

  • Tomatoes: Juliet, New Girl, Valley Girl, Early Girl, Better Boy, Shimmer

  • Basil: Everleaf, Emerald Towers, Dark Opal, Newton

Bed #6 - Perennial Vegetables

  • Asparagus

  • Victoria Rhubarb

  • Albion Strawberries

Bed #7 - Eggplant/Peppers

  • Peppers: Hontaka, Aji Limon, Mucho Nacho, Nu-Mexico Big Jim, Biker Billy, Ancho 101, Habanero Roulette 8, Chinese Giant, Touchdown, Gypsy, Sheepnose Pimento, Red Bull, Jimmy Nardello Sweet Italian Frying Pepper.

  • Eggplant: Black Beauty, Rosa Blanca.

  • Purple Sage

Bed #8 - Cucumbers/Beans/Tomato/Leeks

  • Cucumbers: Sweet Slice, Sweet Armenian

  • Beans:  Tricolor, French Mascotte, Royal Burgundy

  • Tomato:  Sun Sugar

  • Leeks:  Bulgarian Giant

Bed #9 - Potatoes

  • Bodega Red Potatoes

Containers (wine barrels, trough, grow bag, and straw bales):

  1. Grow Bag:  Blanket Flowers
  2. Melon:  Golden Jenny
  3. Herbs:  Rosemary, Chives, Italian Parsley
  4. Tomato:  Martha Washington
  5. Tomato:  Champion
  6. Okra:  Candlefire
  7. Profusion Zinnias
  8. Okra: Candlefire
  9. Tomato:  Pork Chop
  10. Wild Magic Basil
  11. Trough:  Red Ruffled Eggplant, Sun Bather’s Nahui Gazania, Salvia “Evolution Violet
  12. Profusion Zinnias
  13. Straw Bales:  Tomatoes: Lucid Gem, Goldman’s Italian American, Thornburn’s Terra-Cotta


Master Gardener Favorites in the 2020 Summer Garden


  • Armenian – favorite of Joeana Carpenter


  • Bianca Rosa – favorite of Anne Moore
  • Black Beauty – favorite of Andi McDonald


  • Bulgarian Giant – favorite of Dave Vaughn


  • Ambrosia – favorite of Dan Vierria and Joeana Carpenter
  • Arava – favorite of Gail Pothour and Linda Sanford
  • Golden Jenny – favorite of Kathy Baker
  • Lambkin – favorite of Gail Pothour
  • Sweet Dakota Rose watermelon – favorite of Linda Sanford


  • Candlefire – favorite of Diane Johnson


  • Chinese Giant – favorite of Larry Speth
  • Gypsy – favorite of Dan Vierria, Larry Speth, Gail Pothour, and “Farmer Fred” Hoffman
  • New Mexico Big Jim – favorite of Larry Speth
  • Red Bull – favorite of Larry Speth
  • Sheepnose Pimento – favorite of Gail Pothour and Linda Sanford


  • Bodega Red – favorite of Gail Pothour and Linda Sanford


  • Trombetta di Albenga – favorite of Joeana Carpenter and Gail Pothour
  • Zepher – favorite of Gail Pothour


  • Chocolate Sprinkles – favorite of Matt Vanairsdale
  • Early Girl – favorite of Dan Vierria and Linda Sanford
  • Green Doctor – favorite of Dan Vierria, Gail Pothour and Joeana Carpenter
  • Juliet – favorite of Dan Vierria, “Farmer Fred” Hoffman and Mary Welch
  • New Girl – favorite of “Farmer Fred” Hoffman
  • Shimmer – favorite of Bill Black and Joeana Carpenter
  • Sun Sugar – favorite of Mary Welch and Linda Sanford
  • Thornburn’s Terra Cotta – favorite of Gail Pothour
  • Valentine – favorite of Matt Vanairsdale
  • Valley Girl – favorite of “Farmer Fred” Hoffman
  • Herbs:

African Blue Basil – favorite of everyone!


  • Profusion Zinnias – favorite of everyone!


June 24, 2020.  Written by Linda Sanford, UCCE Master Gardener of Sacramento County. 

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