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FOHC Vegetables Summer 2022

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Asterisk (*) indicates an All America Selections Winner

Bed #1 - Melons/Cucumbers

  • Melons:  LambkinPiel de Sapo*, Honey Rock Muskmelon*, Crane, Divergent, Kajari, Mini Love Watermelon*
  • Cucumbers:  Straight Eight*, Silver Slicer, Green Fingers

Bed #2 - Winter Squash

  • Honey Nut, Goldilocks*, Bush Delicata*, Waltham Butternut*, Baby Spaghetti

Bed #3 - Summer Squash

  • Gold Rush Zucchini*, Sunburst*, Fordhook Zucchini*, Bossa Nova*, Early Prolific Straightneck*

Bed #4 - Tomatoes

  • Chef’s Choice Bicolor*, Sunset Torch*, Chef’s Choice Green*, Purple Zebra*, Juliet, 4th of July, Sun Sugar

Bed #5 - Egplant/Zinnia/Basil

  • Eggplant:  Hansel*, Gretel*, Fairy Tale*, Ichiban, Listada di Gandia, Black Beauty

  • Zinnias:  Queeny Lime Orange*

  • Basil:  African Blue Basil

Bed #6 - Perennial Bed

  • Artichokes

  • Albion Strawberries

Bed #7 - Beans

  • Asian Long Beans, Red Noodle Long Beans, Top Crop Bush Bean*, Tri-color Bush Beans

Bed #8 - Peppers

  • Red Bull, Biker Billy, Escamillo*, Dragonfly Bell*, Orange Blaze*, Mad Hatter*, Cornito Giallo*, Gypsy*, Chili Pie,* Giant Marconi*,  Just Sweet*, Red Ember Cayenne*, Sweet Sunset*

Bed #9 - Basil

  • Dark Opal*, Fairytale Ajaka, Heirloom Salad Leaf, Spicy Bush, Red Ruben, Newton, Fairytale Magic Mountain, Siam Queen*, Cinnamon, Genovese, Emerald Towers, Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil


  1. Grow Bag:  Blanket Flowers
  2. Zinnias:  Profusion White*
  3. Tomato:  Viva Italia
  4. Zinnias:  Queeny Lime Orange*
  5. Winter Squash:  Honeybaby*
  6. Tomato:  Super Sauce
  7. Tomato:  Galahad*
  8. Tomato:  Celebrity*
  9. Tomato:  Mountain Merit*
  10. Magic Blue Basil
  11. Zinnias:  Queeny Lime Orange*
  12. Onyx Red Ornamental Pepper*

Hanging Basket: Pot-a-peno pepper*

Trough:  Rose Red Buckwheat

Straw Bales:  Winter Squash: Butterscotch Butternut*, Honeybaby*
Cucumber: Green Light*

Arch: Painted Lady Runner Beans


July 29, 2022.  Written by Linda Sanford, UCCE Master Gardener of Sacramento County. 

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