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In 2001 Chuck Ingels, the Sacramento County Farm and Environmental Horticulture Advisor, realized that there was a need to educate the public and landscape professionals about water-thrifty plants and gardens.  He sought and obtained grants from the California Department of Water Resources (Water Use Efficiency Program) and the Sacramento County Transient Occupancy Tax.

Between 2002 and 2003, the plans were developed by Quadriga Landscape Architects and Candace Schuncke, landscape designer and Master Gardener, with input from the Sacramento County Master Gardeners.  The plan included four gardens: a Mediterranean Climate Courtyard, a Common Variety garden, a Native Garden, and an Asian Meditation Garden, along with a central perennial walk.

In 2003, the Water-Efficient Landscape demonstration garden was added to the existing Fair Oaks Horticulture Center.  We broke ground in spring of that year.  The hardscape was installed, then the Master Gardeners began preparation for the first three gardens and the perennial walk.

People planting 10-26-02 3
The ground was poor and compacted in a number of areas.  Hardpan was broken up by bobcat and electric clay spade.  Soil was conditioned with many yards of compost.  Plants were planted.  Drip lines were installed.  The gardens were covered with 3 inches of mulch.  Though the garden plants were small, they grew into a lush garden by the third year.  Along the way, Master Gardeners remulched twice a year and gave workshops about water-efficient garden care.  The poor soil we began with is richer and our gardens are full and beautiful.

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